The Presidential Election – February 4, 2022 news breifing

BREAKING NEWS in New Gaplastovia: the 2022 Gaplan Presidential Election, an extremely contested election, has been finalized with Chelsea Chen of the PNSP being victorious. After a lot of allegations of election fraud on both sides, she has won the vote as the courts ruled that the recount desgnated the same results and that Chelsea should be awarded the presidency.

She has taken office yesterday is expected to be inaugurated today in a few hours at a government office, as the Head of Government needs to be inaugurated in a government building.

Meanwhile, the opposition, Emma Bunnell, has already been inaugurated, and so has the Secretary of State.

New announcements for her cabinet, consisting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chief Justice, will happen soon, but the former Chief Justice has actually become the Assistant to the Council and is now ineligible for re-election.

This is GNNN, thank you for reading this short brief.

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