An Antarctic claim, an office, and the 8th session – September 1, 2021 News Briefing

GNNN has been quite inactive for the last few months – actually, the most inactive it could be, with no posts during the period.

Therefore, we’ll cover all of the exciting things that happened during this time – of course, we can’t cover everything – but we’ll try our best.

New Antarctic claim

A new Antarctic claim coming out from the government, claiming sea ice that was not claimed by other countries. The government now is announcing this on the header of its website, asking anyone that has claimed it before (if any) to contact it. As far as GNNN knows, the government has not received any claims.

This new Antarctic claim is going to be a new colony – called the Kingdom of Gaplan Antarctica. You can find out more information in the official government announcement here.

The Representative Office

The government is very close to finalizing the first representative office of Gapla – one in Irvine, California, near where Gapla was founded. The government also plans to open a few more representative offices in Bern, Switzerland; London, United Kingdom; Phoenix, Arizona; and New York, New York in the future.

8th Session Start

The 8th Session of Gaplan Interstate Competitions has just started with Folia Tail and Elemental, as usual, resurging as powers. However, Syopolis has declared independence from the Elementalian alliance and Emeralkia may due the same in the future, due to the unknown large prize for winning the session.

The session is mostly focused on invitations, ideas, and Gapla Dollar donations, in which states earn “points” for completing tasks. The first state to win 10,000 points is declared the winner of the session.

Currently, the session is in the state of “Stage 1,” where attacking is not possible and after a week of this phase, attacking will be possible. This is to reduce Elemental and Folia Tail mass attacking states that do not even know about the session yet.

That’s all for our September breifing. Thank you for reading GNNN!

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