New money, flags, and the impeachment – April 26, 2021 News Briefing

Our nation has had many developements since the last briefing around two months ago. Here they are.

Improved Currency System

Our country now uses special linen paper to print our currency and we have brand new designs ready. You can see a sample below.

Desk Flags and Banner Flags

Our country has bought a variety of Gaplan desk and banner flags of states and the national government. You can see a sample below.

Impeachment of the Deputy President

Deputy President Shaun Sanjay Murzello, due to inactivity, will be impeached tommorow, West Gapla Standard Time, or when the council makes a decision about his replacement, whichever is later.

The current nominees for the replacement to Secondary Assistant are Justin Chiang and Bright Li. If you are a councilmember, you’ll recieve instructions on nominations and voting later.

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