First Gaplan COVID-19 Vaccine Recipient

Yesterday, on the 29th of December, 2020, the first COVID-19 vaccine recipient from Great Gapla City was confirmed, raising the vaccination rate to around 0.6%, with the US vaccination rate hovering at around 0.8%. But the fact is that we are not the world’s most powerful country, we are one of the least powerful, but having a vaccination even rivaling the United States is an amazing thing. Very few self-declared states have got their hands on a COVID-19 vaccine reserved for health-care workers in the United States.

Also, we need to consider that the U.S. was much more urgent because 6% of their population has had COVID-19, while 0.1% have died. Gapla’s rate is 0%. Some people might think that it is because of our low population, but numbers do not discriminate. We are counting percentages here, and a 6% rate translates into around 11 cases for our country. Our health care system is clearly superior.

Parliament is debating on whether to add December 29th as Vaccine Day. This is GNNN.

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