Flag of Gapla to be Changed

This is GNNN with some amazing news about two topics that have happened today.

The Flag Change

As the flag was made using Google Drawings, its dimensions are 3:4. The Executive Council is scheduled to pass an act changing the dimensions to 2:3, ultimately resulting in a flag change.

The Color Set

Three out of four of the colors of Gapla’s flag have been officially named after it. Gapla Red, Gapla Blue, and Gapla Orange, while Gapla Yellow is technically just yellow, as voted by the community of ColorNames.org.

You can track this at https://my.gaplagov.org/branding.

The Picture Contest

The Gapla National Picture Contest, held for the second time, is going to be started! If you have verified land in the Federated States of Gapla, you can take a picture of a pretty spot of that land, e.g. a Christmas Tree or a flower.

All decent pictures will be awarded G$ 20.

You can participate or ask for more information by emailing pictures@gaplagov.org or contacting the manager of the contest, Wyatt Seungri Baek.


That’s it for today, everyone! What an exciting day at GNNN.

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