Snake Buys Land, Folia Tail Confederacy Grows

It has been two months since the last coverage, but we have some breaking news! The State of Snake was landless due to a parental policy, the state owner was not able to donate land. Thinking of a way to bypass this, he bought approximately 1,000 square centimeters of land in Great Gapla City as the sole land of the state for G$ 10.00 (approximately USD $0.79, EUR €0.69).

The former Delsgadian State Owner Renaldo Chang has formed a confederacy named the Folia Tail confederacy that was united with the States of Musicland and Delsgade in the beginning, but more states have joined, making it currently the #2 state in the entire Federated States of Gapla, just before Elemental, and for a few days, #1. Due to this, Elementalian State Owner Chelsea Chen and Emeralkian Administrative State Owner Emma Bunnell merged into an Elementalian-Emeralkian confederacy.

The State Owner of Snake has expressed concerns about the new confederacy and how he would like to leave. The Delsgade and Snake side have compromised for a hefty sum of two hundred and fifty Gapla Dollars, (approximately USD $19.99, EUR €16.99). The Snakaris Side used to donate Gapla Dollars to fund Delsgade, but is now stopping and raising money for a national prince title (five hundred Gapla Dollars, as compromised by him and the Crown Prince, approximately USD $39.99, EUR €32.99).

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