Kingdom of H and J join, then complications arise!

GNNN has not been active for THREE MONTHS, so we’re covering past news. The Kingdom of H, an independent state with twenty members, joins the Federated States of Gapla. The President has urged it to become a state, but it has become a city of Musicland, due to friendship with the Leader.

Now, the Kingdom of H invites the Kingdom of J, another ten-member independent state, that also merged into Musicland.

They have caused four ambassadors to leave the Gapla Server because they are messaging in embassies and spamming. The President let this slide for a bit, but after complications with Apachiland and Eastasia arose, Gapla has kicked their own citizens from their server, something the government would never do.

This is the Gapla National News Network, reporting for the first time in three months. Stay tuned for our next article, Irene Kim, Gapla’s Richest Person, Spends LOADS but is STILL #1! .

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