Court Decision Made on the Heated Carmen Town Debate

Carmen Town, Elemental, and Great Gapla City – Recent issues were followed after an anonymous female filed a complaint against the Government of Elemental, specifically for the town of Carmen Town. She has stated that the Original Creators (OCs) of Carmen Town were being unfair and not letting anyone make the decisions by themselves. Elemental State Owner Chelsea Chen responded that this is unreasonable, because she had done nothing, and if she does something and becomes more active, then she will promote her. The opposing person has stated that Elemental is simply unfiar and that she had done a lot of work.

Spectators, although, agree with the Government of Elemental, and decided that this should be a new court case. Since this case could not be passed through the Court of Carmen Town, the Court of Elemental, and the Court of the Second District, the Supreme Court of the Federated States of Gapla allowed a trial.

The conclusion to the trial and the verdict was that her complaint was unreasonable, but Elemental would have to do a public meeting (supervised by the Government), and make their words more clear. In exchange, the guilty person would have to pay the Government of Elemental a fee for an undisclosed amount.

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