The Rise of Xadia

Aditya Meruga becomes Major Candidate for President of Gapla

New Xadia City – After the conflict with Elemental, the state of Xadia and the Alliance of Xadia emerges, as the creator of the state, Aditya Meruga, gets powerful in Gapla and even becomes a major candidate (running independent.) So far, he is in steady position for elections for Vice President, and Wyatt Seungri Baek is expected to again be re-elected as president, now serving under the first male Vice President in the history of Gapla if he gets elected. Xadia’s allies are helping New Xadia constantly. The State of Xadia says, although powerful, they do not want any war or any conflict with another state, and want Gapla to be free from it. The candidate, Aditya Meruga, has stated that if he does indeed get elected into a position, he will make Gapla peaceful forever.

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